West Hill is Now Available!!

West Hill by Heather Ross is now available in the shop!!

West Hill by Heather Ross

West Hill was one of Heather Ross' first quilting fabric collections. It was "inspired by a real place, an intersection of dirt roads where there had once been a town, on a little mountain in northern Vermont. Just beyond that crossroads was an old one room schoolhouse, and just below that, a meadow filled with wildflowers, and just beyond that, a perfect swimming hole at the bottom of a waterfall, underneath a covered bridge."


West Hill - Buttercup Map

Heather Ross is happy to welcome back these little characters, plus a few new stories and colors.

West Hill by Heather Ross

You’ll find the same deep, cold greens of the deepest part of the river, and the acidic yellows and greens of the buttercups and the fireflies, the bright blue of the Vermont sky, and the pale grays of rainy afternoons.

West Hill by Heather Ross Collection